Protect and Connect

GPS Products

PROCON is the leading provider of Location-Based-Services (LBS) and products. We provide a managed, global, wireless data network which reduces the costs, complexities and risks associated.

PetSafe GPS

With the PetSafe® GPS Locator™, state-of-the-art wireless technology provides around-the-clock protection for your dog. By using a GPS enabled dog collar, you can access the power of satellite tracking to quickly and easily locate your adventure-seeking friend.


Posi-Track is PROCON's second consumer product offering. Sold through big box retailers, Posi-Track offers customers a vehicle tracking device that is affordable and easy to install. This product is a revolutionary industry first - true plug and play technology.

SAT Track

The SAT Track system is a wireless GPS-enabled theft recovery product that is easily installed in a hidden area in your vehicle (stealth). SAT Track equipped vehicles maintain the highest level of security available in today's new car market.

SAT Track Fleet

Fleet tracking is recognized as a valuable asset for both large and small businesses. While each system is different, the SAT Track Fleet GPS tracking system is built on peripheral technologies that impact the performance of all GPS fleet management systems.

GoldStar GPS

Once registered through the GoldStar GPS website, the client receives unique and innovative safety features. GoldStar GPS equipped vehicles maintain the highest level of security available in today's sub-prime finance market.

Contractor GPS

With the average contractor losing more than $13,000 a year due to theft and vandalism, the strain on the bottom line has become even more important. Contractor GPS was developed to allow for more efficiently scheduled projects, work crews and subcontractors, leading to improved productivity and reduced costs.

RentalStar GPS

Until now, knowing when, where and how your rental fleet is being operated has been left to the imagination. Advanced wireless GPS tracking devices from RentalStar GPS deliver the most comprehensive fleet data right to your desktop or mobile phone. Improve your operational efficiencies today with RentalStar GPS.